Industrial production


To-measure tarpaulin production either one-off or mass produced as well as cuts for flat tarpaulins, banners, protective covers, pool covers, wind-breakers, reception tents, roof liners, blinds, tents, etc.

Albigès is by your side for all your textile production projects:
• Flat tarpaulin
• Growing, storage tunnel
• Truck tarpaulin
• Banner
• Stable mesh / Wind-breaker / Screen
• Pool barrier
• Flexible tank
• Sludge pits / Irrigation pools
• Tents / Aluminium structures
• Curtains / Separations / Exhibition stands
• Stretched ceilings
• Garden furniture

Available by the metre, welded surface, flat tarpaulin / Width from 135 to 270 cm* / Fire resistance* / wide choice of colours / * depending on the models


Flexible tanks

Flexible PVC tank for the storage of non-potable water. Can be used to harvest rainwater, spring water and pool water.

Works tool 
• Essential for fast water filling when installing the liner.
• Avoids disposing of the pool water when repairing.

We have designed narrower versions of the tanks to make them easier to install on pool patios.

Fast installation on stable, clean and level ground.

Total water protection
thanks to its opaque textile.

No evaporation.

Thanks to its flexible structure, it can be placed in crawl spaces.

Thanks to its low height, it is hardly visible in the garden.

Guarantee: 2 years

PVC 905 and B6303 / 900 and 1100 g/m2 / Temperature resistance from -30°C to + 70 °C




Sale by length department

For your small and medium sized production...

We propose to deliver you the length of textile you need as quickly as possible thanks to a large stock of textiles. Possibility of delivering our textiles uncut with a 20% price reduction compared to per metre prices.